Friday, April 8, 2011

Old, abandoned black cemetery center of controversy

Old, abandoned black cemetery center of controversy

By David A. Farrell, Item Staff Writer
The Picayune Item Picayune Item Fri Apr 08, 2011, 08:37 AM CDT

CARRIERE — A controversy involving an abandoned black cemetery more than 100 years old here has wound up in Pearl River County Justice Court.

Access to the cemetery, in the center of Stone Bridge subdivision, has become the center of the controversy.

The dispute has resulted in the subdivision’s security officer, who also lives in the subdivision, filing an affidavit in Justice Court, charging another Carriere resident with trespassing and desecrating the cemetery.

The dispute revolves around who has access to the cemetery. To Read the Full article click the title link above.


  1. Fascinating! What a sad state of affairs!

  2. It has become part of the history. Nice article by the way.

  3. One abandoned Cemetary just South of Tupelo is in horrible disarray. It has been bush-hogged over & over, breaking up headstones, scattering & dragging the pieces away from the gravesites. I walked around in disbelief at the disrespect. This is a Black Veterans Cemetary that is hidden on an old dirt road.