Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grave Groomers Veterans Restoration Project

Established in 1999, Grave Groomers Cemetery Restoration specializes in cemetery restoration, beautification, delivery and preservation services. Grave Groomers currently has locations in 12 states which include, California, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

All of Grave Groomer owners are trained and certified professionals by NAOGG (National Association of Grave Groomers).

Grave Groomer Cemetery Restoration services include, monument leveling, marker cleaning and restoration, stone highlighting and painting, bronze restoration, new foundations and monument repair.

Grave Groomers also offers memorial marker engraving in two different styles:

Precision Graphic Carving is a superior method for illustrating artistic detail, beauty and accuracy. All of the Grave Groomer carvings were originally hand drawn by professional artists. All of their designs are exclusive and copyrighted. Precision Graphic carving should be used on medium to dark granite colors for best results.

Double Process Design Components are used in traditional memorial granite carving. All of their designs are either flat carved or shape carved. A deep line is carved around the design, and then the design is flashed off to create a high contrast on granite. Most floral work is then shape carved to create a three-dimensional artistic carving. These designs work on all granite colors.

Grave Groomers is currently raising funds for Veteran Memorial Restorations and their goal is to clean and restore all Veteran sections that are located in privately owned cemeteries. To raise money for this project Grave Groomers is selling Giant Pizza Cutters. A percentage of the proceeds from these sales will go towards the Veterans Restoration Project.

Grave Groomers is also looking to branch out their franchise to other states and locations and they offer a starter package for anyone who might be interested in starting a Cemetery Restoration Business. They also offer a training program for new business owners, which includes cemetery restoration, stone cleaning, stone repair, bronze restoration, scratch repair, lawn maintenance, individual grave care, flower placement, planting & maintenance, monument and marker leveling, cemetery snow plowing, concrete work and foundations, tools & equipment and training certification thru the National Association of Grave Groomers (NAOGG) Their next training classes start on May 7, 2011. -------

To find out more about the Grave Groomers and the services they offer please visit their website at and if you can contribute to these efforts or would like to purchase your Giant Pizza Cutter to help with this project, your money will go to a wonderful cause to help restore our Veteran's grave sites.

Or for more details contact the Main Minnesota Office at 612-423-4216

Photos used with permission from the website.