Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anderson Cemetery Byhalia, Ms.

Recently I was on my way to the Byhalia Cemetery to take some headstone photographs for my FindAGrave project, I just happened to look up at the right moment and noticed a headstone through the bushes, from the Hwy. Not seeing a driveway to the area, I pulled over at the neighbors house and asked the gentleman who was out in the driveway if it was a private cemetery. He didn't seem to know much about it other than that it was an African American graveyard. But he was gracious enough to allow me to park in his driveway and walk up thru the wooded trail to the cemetery, so that I could photograph the headstones.
The Anderson Cemetery is located on Old Hwy 178 about a mile east of Byhalia, Ms in Marshall County. It sits in a small clearing on top of the hill, just west of the intersection of Quinn Mills Rd and Edwards Rd which cross Hwy 178.
Approx. GPS Coordinates: Lat. 34.86829/ Lon.89.66964 .
There were 9 names memorialized in the small clearing and what looked like at least 2 unmarked graves, where the ground had started to sink. I have set up memorial pages and added the cemetery to the FindA Grave memorial website.
I have not yet had a chance to research the history of this little cemetery, but if you have any information about it that you would like to share or add to the memorials on FindAgrave, you can click on the links below each photo to view the individual memorials and send the information to me and I can either add the information for you or if you are a family member and have a FindAGrave account, I will transfer the memorial to you and you can add any information you wish to add. I had some problems with posting some of the photos, blogger is not cooperating with me today, but you can click the link and see the headstone photo as they are all posted on the FindAGrave memorials.

Sept 20 1955- Jan 18 2001

Oct 8 1877- July 1 1946
Sep 10 1870- Jan 13 1944

Mar 24 1898- May 5 1975
Nov 1 1895- June 19 1984

Photo on Findagrave
Moses F Watson
Feb 3 1891- July 9 1967
Photo on Findagrave
Mar 24, 1893- Dec 21- 1980

Nov 9 ?- Dec 8?

Dec 31 1933- July 31 2000


  1. I think this is SO cool! I'm a big fan of Find A Grave. A few weeks ago, I was driving back from Holly Springs and had the same experience as you. I just happened to look up and see what looked like a couple of tombstones through the trees. I have noticed the site before, and thought I saw shapes that looked like tombstones, but never was quite sure. I was always in a hurry to get to Holly Springs and never took the time to stop and explore it. That day, I turned back to take a closer look and discovered a family plot of new graves. I found the obituary online of one of the ladies buried there and discovered that the name of the cemetery was the Hulsey family cemetery. The best that I could determine, there were six people buried there, and it appeared that a few family pets were buried there, as well. I posted the memorial on Find A Grave:

    Hulsey Family Cemetery

    Robert Patterson

  2. That's awesome Robert, I saw your photos on FB and I recognized it as I am frequently in that area, but have never had the chance to stop and really look, so glad you were able to document them. :) I encourage everyone to get involved in saving our old and unknown cemeteries, if we dont do it no one ever will and some of these old places will be lost forever. Thank you for taking the time!

  3. Watson Anderson was born on November 9th 1919 and passed on December 8th, 1995. He was my grandfather. We also, just buried my little sister there as well. Thank you for preserving these historic sights, even if just electronically.

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