Friday, February 12, 2010

In The Company of Angels

In almost every cemetery I visit , I see Angels all around me.  I have gathered quite a collection of them and thought I would share just a few of my favorites. I am also including two poems I wrote that were inspired by a walk through the cemetery in the company of Angels.

Angel Babies At Odd Fellows Cemetery Delaware
These little angels were photographed at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Delaware while I was on vacation in 2009. The first one reminds me of Mischief and the second one reminds me of Innocence.

The Turning Angel- Natchez City Cemetery

This angel statue is believed by many to turn and look in the direction of passing cars when the lights shine on the statue at night.

Other Natchez Angels

Hernando Memorial Gardens

There Are Angels
by Angela L Burke

There are Angels up in heaven,
That fly down to earth each day.
They guide us and protect us,
Ever listening when we pray.

They stand inside the shadows,
Always there to watch our backs,
When the evils of the world,
Step towards us to attack.

There are Angels up in heaven
That stand beside the throne.
They sing praises to Almighty,
Beautiful angelic songs.

They stand watch beside our doorways,
Protecting as we sleep.
Reaching out to wipe away
The tears that wet our cheeks.

There are Angels up in heaven,
Standing by to lead us home.
They're the whispers in our ears
When we think that we're alone.

Our guardians and protectors,
A friend when we're in need.
There are Angels all around us,
Even when we don't believe.

Angels of Cornersville

The Angels of McKay

In The Company of Angels
by Angela L Burke
As I walk this broken path that leads through field of stone,
I'm aware of eyes upon me and I feel I'm not alone.

Following with watchful eyes, frozen still in time,
Quietly they whisper, when the wind plays through the chimes.

Standing ever diligent, some bow their heads to pray.
In the company of Angels, my tears are gently swept away.

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